Friday, April 26, 2013

Now Digitally Permed

You see, I like my hair very much but I don't really do anything with it. I'm not the kind of girl that goes to the salon regularly just to hot oil or put treatment or whatever on my hair for it to look good and healthy. My usual routine was put shampoo everyday and use conditioner twice a week. Haha, I know most of you would find this weird and "uncaring" but my hair managed. XD

My hair was so freakingly straight, so straight that most of the time it looks dull and has no volume at all, so even though I like my hair, I decided to permanently curl it. Luckily, my mother found a promo at Metrodeal, saying that for only 899Php my hair can be digitally permed. We went to a salon named The Mane Place Salon and Spa in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. 

gah, weird face/smile. (>o<)

When my mother and I got there, they immediately did a "strand test" to see if my hair could handle the heat and the chemicals alone or not. If not, they would put some treatment I think to protect my hair from any damage. But before we got the result, my hair dresser/stylist (I dunno what to address him) cuts my hair first. Oh, and some of the hair stylist there praised my hair(hihihi), they said that my hair is so straight that it looks like it was rebonded and that my hair looks like it was colored and that my hair looks like it has highlight or whatever. mehehe. But, really, my hair is very very very virgin, I don't even remember the last time I "hot oiled" my hair. XD

and then blah blah blah, ta daaa! here's a photo of me before the curling and after the cutting. :))

And below are two photos of my hair being, uhm, curled(?). XD
It's almost the same as putting curlers on my hair but this time, the "curlers" are super hot and attached to a machine or sumthing behind me. And, btw, the "curlers" are sooo not allowed to get in touch with your scalp that's why I have that towel on my head.
(lol, my bangs are untouched)

At last! They're taking off the roller/curlers/machine thingy.

And then they put some treatment or chemical on my hair again, I dunno what it is though.

Yaaaaayyy! blowwweeerr.

He's styling my hair now. . . .

Tentenenen!! My after digital perming look. ;)
Het separated my hair into two sections and put a LOT of mousse for it to stay in place. I'm allowed to wash my hair only after 48 hours. . .

This is my hair 40 hrs after the curling. . .

And now, here's the current look of my curly hair!

Yes, my curls looks very wild coz this was not an after bath photo, it's after waking up. :))

Below is the latest photo of my hair, it looks more of a wave than a curl now but that's okay, I just wanted  some change in my straight hair after all. :)

So if you're expecting a super cute curls then you're gonna get disappointed. (like my mother, father, aunt, friends)

Share your experiences too! comment below. ;)

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