Sunday, March 16, 2014

See you at the first BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014 on March 23!

Hey readers! I’m counting down the days to the BDJ Box Beauty Social at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura on March 23, 2014!

BDJ Box is a beauty product discovery subscription service for women. Brought to you by the makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, BDJ Box aims to help every Filipina unbox her own beauty. For P580 a month, subscribers receive a mass-customized box with at least 5-6 of the best beauty products delivered to their doorstep.

I’m psyched to try each and every activity booth at the Beauty Social! 

Their complete list of brand partners include Yves RocherToo Cool for School,Moschino Cheap and Chic Fragrances, RevlonMax FactorCovergirlCure Natural Aqua GelReal Techniques BrushesBifestaBrowhausStripCanmake TokyoGodiva SkincarePAC Cosmetics and  Biokos.

The BDJ Box Beauty Social is open to everyone but only pre-registered girls will be allowed to participate in the talks. Slots will be given on a first come first served basis.

To pre-register for any of the talks, simply email  the following:
Subject: BDJ Box Beauty Social Registration
Mobile Number:
Your answer to the question: “What’s your signature makeup move to looking tres chic?”
Top 3 choices for talks

For more details check our Facebook Page:
To get your very own BDJ Box, visit our website:

Be Tres Chic! See you at the BDJ Box Beauty Social! :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

MSE failed on me.

I think almost everyone knows what Microsoft Security Essentials does, right? If not, well, it scans virus, protects computers and blah blah blah. And now, it failed on me.

I don't really know what happened since I'm not the only one using this laptop. And so, I googled what could be the problem and the solution to it, unfortunately, the only thing that made sense in all of the answers I read was that I should format my laptop . . which I wouldn't do. Where could I possibly put all the files I have in here?! And deleting them is ABSOLUTELY out of the question. So I let it be. BUT! There is another problem! I can't download anything because of it . . . 

If you read my previous posts or my "About" section, then you should know that I'm an otaku, and I can't possibly stand not downloading anything! I NEED TO DOWNLOAD. I almost have no use for a laptop that can't download! So I really hope my father would buy me my own laptop. FAST. That way, I can bury myself in all the manga/anime/movie/tvshows that I plan to download. (gah! I keep using the word download. haha)

Anywayyy, I hope that anyone who stumbles upon this post who has a solution or has encountered the same problem, please comment below your experience or your, well DUH, solution. Thankies!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lookbook Account

Heeeyyy. I just made a Lookbook account! Yaaay! (Actually, I created it 3days ago, I just remembered to blog about it now.)

If you've been reading my past posts, then you must have already seen this photo of mine(photo below). It was the second photo I posted at Lookbook, and if you want to see the other want then check out my account!

As you can see, I just started it three days ago so don't compare me to the goddesses like Lua and Flavia 'kay?

Oh, and, be sure to follow me both here on blogger and on Lookbook for more updates! :D

Monday, August 12, 2013

Miku Hatsune Camellia Version

Hi! It's been a long time huh? 
If you're an avid reader of mine or you know me personally, then you'll know that I'm a cosplayer. And I'm going to talk about one of my cosplays which is my Hatsune Miku Camellia Version cosplay. Below is the reference photo.

And here's a photo of me!

Yes, if you've read another post of mine then you'll see that I just reused this photo. Anyway, going on, as you can see this cosplay has a lot of faults. My first complaint was my costume, the upper part should be . . shorter or something. Second was my wig, I didn't have enough time to cut the bangs and lastly, my face, I kinda failed on my make up since, like I said, quite unprepared for this photoshoot. Haha, I know it's weird that I'm criticizing my own cosplay but, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so, yea. 

Below is a photo of when I used the costume for the second time.

And due to my laziness, nothing improved at all.  -___-"

More photos!

I kinda get irritated when I see some of my pictures since I hate it when I see some mistakes that I made that's why the next time I cosplay this, I'm going to improve a loooot of things.

gah! So? What do you think of this cosplay of mine?

Friday, July 26, 2013



Quite busy these days and I just can't edit this site to perfection right now so, sorry for the "incomplete" design you are seeing. Will arrange this as soon as I feel like it. XD

Friday, June 28, 2013

(Supposed to be) After Summer post

This summer, I did almost nothing and because of too much free time I read One Piece almost every day ‘til I get to the latest chapter. And guess what? I loved it sooo muucch that I decided to blog about manga more. . . or should I say anything otaku. *smirk* mehehehe. So, if you’re an anti-otaku or you just don’t get us (me) then leave this blog immediately and never come back.

Okaaay, I’m blabbing about “manga” and “otaku” again. -___-“

Sooo, blah blah blah, my summer ended in a boring way. The day before school starts (June 2), together with my family, I walked around Ayala the whooole day. Aaaand that’s it! We went home, sleep, then the next day. . . I went to school like summer didn’t even passed by. I wasn’t even whining about school starting or summer vacation ending. I was just . . . uninterested. Or something like that.

But!! As the first week of classes progressed, I started to get in sync with everything that’s happening around me. I started to eat regularly and largely again so I think I’ll get back the 3kg I lost this vacation (This is a very good thing. REALLY. I currently weigh 37kg). I also pay more attention to my surroundings this time (I don’t easily notice something/someone until someone points it out or that someone calls my attention . . etc.

Hmm, I can’t think of anything more. . besides I don’t wanna go into detail anyway so blah blah blah. The end? ‘til my next post!


I was supposed to post this a week after school started. oh well.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Now Digitally Permed

You see, I like my hair very much but I don't really do anything with it. I'm not the kind of girl that goes to the salon regularly just to hot oil or put treatment or whatever on my hair for it to look good and healthy. My usual routine was put shampoo everyday and use conditioner twice a week. Haha, I know most of you would find this weird and "uncaring" but my hair managed. XD

My hair was so freakingly straight, so straight that most of the time it looks dull and has no volume at all, so even though I like my hair, I decided to permanently curl it. Luckily, my mother found a promo at Metrodeal, saying that for only 899Php my hair can be digitally permed. We went to a salon named The Mane Place Salon and Spa in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. 

gah, weird face/smile. (>o<)

When my mother and I got there, they immediately did a "strand test" to see if my hair could handle the heat and the chemicals alone or not. If not, they would put some treatment I think to protect my hair from any damage. But before we got the result, my hair dresser/stylist (I dunno what to address him) cuts my hair first. Oh, and some of the hair stylist there praised my hair(hihihi), they said that my hair is so straight that it looks like it was rebonded and that my hair looks like it was colored and that my hair looks like it has highlight or whatever. mehehe. But, really, my hair is very very very virgin, I don't even remember the last time I "hot oiled" my hair. XD

and then blah blah blah, ta daaa! here's a photo of me before the curling and after the cutting. :))

And below are two photos of my hair being, uhm, curled(?). XD
It's almost the same as putting curlers on my hair but this time, the "curlers" are super hot and attached to a machine or sumthing behind me. And, btw, the "curlers" are sooo not allowed to get in touch with your scalp that's why I have that towel on my head.
(lol, my bangs are untouched)

At last! They're taking off the roller/curlers/machine thingy.

And then they put some treatment or chemical on my hair again, I dunno what it is though.

Yaaaaayyy! blowwweeerr.

He's styling my hair now. . . .

Tentenenen!! My after digital perming look. ;)
Het separated my hair into two sections and put a LOT of mousse for it to stay in place. I'm allowed to wash my hair only after 48 hours. . .

This is my hair 40 hrs after the curling. . .

And now, here's the current look of my curly hair!

Yes, my curls looks very wild coz this was not an after bath photo, it's after waking up. :))

Below is the latest photo of my hair, it looks more of a wave than a curl now but that's okay, I just wanted  some change in my straight hair after all. :)

So if you're expecting a super cute curls then you're gonna get disappointed. (like my mother, father, aunt, friends)

Share your experiences too! comment below. ;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Face Paint

My cousin's daughter Vielcah Amethyst celebrated her 1st birthday last February 28, I went there with my sister Stephanie Solon, my aunt, my child cousin and my niece. The party was loud as, of course, most of the guests are kids but there was one thing that I really enjoyed there and it was the face paint!

Okaay, I know most of you, dear readers, would think that this is childish but I tell you, I was amazed on how the face painter did her work, she isn't like those face painters that paint inaccurately and weirdly, she did it awesomely!

look at mine!! it looks so elegant!
and here's a closer look.

To think she did that in just like 3-5 mins! great huh? ;)
Next are some of her works.

That girl above is my cousin, and hers is just cute!

And that's my niece right there.
Pardon the messy face paint. What? they're kids, they play a lot so they sweat a lot, so yea. haha. :)

ugh, don't know what to say anymore, sorry, bye. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

My blog design problems.

So you see, I kinda hate html, css and whatever related things. Why? 'cause I can't understand it. :((
Whenever I look at tutorials in how to make your own blog template my mind just go *boom* like wth am I supposed to do first, how do I put this here, how do I put the link here, ugh, and that is the reason why my blog looks like this. 

look at my header! it's too big! hahaha.

It looks TOTALLY boring and plain, right?

That's why I'm planning to change the whole thing again, but the problem is that I don't want to learn about css and stuff, haha, kinda ironic huh? whatever, I'll just do what I can do and hope that this blog would look much much better. And if you're gonna suggest that I go and get a web developer, I'll be like, "I don't even have enough money for myself and you're telling me to give my money away? No way on earth would I do that!" Haha, okaay, that's a bit exaggerated but yes, hiring a web developer is a no-no but, of course, if I have money to spare, then I might think it over again. ;)

I'm thinking of blue and white again, but polka dots this time, too mainstream? hmm. I hope not. How about flowers? uh, mainstream. Butterflies? kinda weird looking if used for the background. ugh. this sucks.
I think this might take a while. haha.
so yea.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

King's Abubot

I have this friend who loves to make DIY things, her name's King. (Real name: Khrizelle)

She made these bracelets that I wore whenever, uhm, I feel like it?
haha, obviously I'm unsure as I'm not really a fan of bracelets but the ones that she makes are quite cool.

here are some photos:

^ I know the nail polish is not needed but I want to brag about it since I don't get those perfect nails every time you know. And, ugh, my fingers looks dislocated. sorry 'bout that.

As you can see, I only have 2 photos for the time being but I already have like five of those.
And the next time I post about these bracelets is when I already have a matching outfit for it. ;)

Oh, and if you liked what you saw feel free to check out her shop.* It offers a lot, it's not just bracelets. :))

*Just click the photo below.

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